Moulin d'Or, the story of a passion…

histoir moulin dor

Moulin d'Or's pastry recipes date back to 1987, when the Ben Aissa family was already baking croissants, chocolate bread and cake bars.

Fruit of ambition, willpower and hard work, the Moulin d'Or group has developed by relying on the expertise of the men and their know-how.
A passion that has been able to endure and evolve from year to year to best meet the needs and various desires of consumers.

The Moulin d'Or Group is now the leader in the pastry and sweet making market. The Group has eight companies under the Moulin d'Or brand dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of products.

Moulin d'Or has found the secret of success in its generous recipes made of love and passion, prepared using an industrial tool that masters a standardised process.
A rigour and quality that has earned the group ISO 9001 certification.
This vision has contributed to the durability of the brand, through good quality, satisfying products at an affordable price.

All under the Moulin d'Or brand, from individual cakes to family size cakes, from pastries to bakery products (sandwich loaves, tarts, tartlets, etc.), products to satisfy every palate.

This is only the beginning

Always more ambitious, Moulin d'Or has succeeded in meeting the challenge
of the Tunisian consumer by maintaining good quality and constantly improving standards while offering new products...

A beautiful success story full of good flavours, which is already starting to turn golden and writing a new page in its history by establishing itself in other countries...

Moulin d'or