cakes moulindor

Our cakes

Our range of cakes stimulates the desire for sweetness at every convenient moment of the day.
Whether it's a solo pleasure or a moment sharing with friends or family, our cakes will delight you and dive you into a world of delicacy!

cakes moulindor
viennoiseries moulindor

Our Cookies

Discover our range of generous, crunchy, sweet or savory cookies.
To be enjoyed without moderation!

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Our breads

At Moulin d'Or we carefully select our raw materials to knead you the tastiest
and softest of breads.
Our complete range will help you discover the diversity you have always dreamed of. Plain, brioche or wholemeal bread, for your sandwiches, your toast spreads or your evening canapés, discover them without hesitation.

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Our tarts &

Treat your family and friends to easy and tasty recipes.

Garnish Moulin d'Or tartlets, tarts and vol-au-vent
with ingredients to your liking.

viennoiseries moulindor

Our pastries

Our pastries and palmiers find their shape in a leavened, puff pastry and delicately rolled dough.
Passed through the hands of our experts, it is in the ovens that these well-brown products express all their flavours.


Our Family offers

Because we're thinking about your wallet,
we've concocted a magic formula. Choose our family offers for more treats at lower prices.
Wherever you are, take the family pack of your choice to share it with family or friends.