The force of tradition

All our products without exception are prepared according to traditional recipes, which are the foundation of our values, the authenticity of a refined culinary art.
Since then, this tradition continues, day after day, contributing to our success today and tomorrow.
Conceived in an unchanged way and by scrupulously respecting the original recipe, our team of engineers strives daily to improve the level of quality that has honoured the reputation of the house.

Provided with authenticity and delicacy, the Moulin d'Or muffin is a fantastic success ready to conquer your taste buds.
Light, delicate and deliciously chocolaty.
A masterful alchemy for a breathtaking result.
To try it is to love it!

muffins moulindor
muffins moulindor
muffins moulindor
muffins moulindor
muffins moulindor

Based on the famous Italian recipe for crostatada, his little sister crostatini has nothing to envy her elder brother.
Tart filled with fruit jam ready to be savoured at any time of the day.
Discover our fruity flavours that will delight the palate.

crostatini moulindor
crostatini moulindor
crostatini moulindor
tartelette moulindor
crostatini moulindor

For chocolate lovers, Moulin d'Or has revisited the classic recipe for you.
A bewitching flavour with a soft texture, it's all there.
Without forgetting its variant the Blondiz filled with caramel. It will seduce you.

blandiz moulindor
blandiz moulindor
blandiz moulindor

mini cake moulindor

Several soft layers make up our famous mini cakes.
Our timeless mini cakes have become an essential part of our Moulin d'Or pastry range and have won over young and old alike.
Discover our different variations.

mini cake chocolat
mini cake orange
mini cake vanille
milk cake

funkiz yes please

donuts moulindor

To accompany your gourmet snacks, Moulin d'Or suggests the Cooked Donuts version.
A light texture, filled with cream and topped with a delicious icing for the most gourmet among you.
Discover our range of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry donuts

donuts amarettis

kwikiz moulindor

Discover our new range of Kwikiz cake!
As soft as a muffin with apricot fondant or cappuccino cream filling... all topped with chocolate

glory moulindor

If gluttony were to exist to celebrate every moment of glory, our Glory would undoubtedly be the ideal symbol.
With its tender chocolate heart, caramel fondant and crunchy chocolate topping, the Glory will surprise the most gourmets among you.
Now the new Glory filled with forest fruits, a tender and tangy note for fruit lovers.

glory caramel moulindor

wincake moulindor

Both refined and tasty, a real source of pleasure.
Starting with melting chocolate, passing through a soft cake and ending with a succulent apricot or caramel filling...
A sweet sin but so tasty.

wincake abricot moulindor
wincake caramel moulindor

Fall for the new range of marbled cake: Tranche d’or
A portion of cake with a new recipe combining the taste of strawberry and vanilla or vanilla and cocoa…


adoro moulindor

Discover our Moulin d'Or style sponge cake recipes. Filled with cocoa or milk cream, light and tasty,
Adoro products, the little snack you'll love.

adorro classic
adoro fou maxi moulindor
adoro creme lait moulindor
adoro creme caco moulindor
rollisimo cappucino
rollisimo citron
rollisimo cappucino
rollisimo citron

rollo moulindor

madeleines moulindor

adoro fou maxi moulindor

For a gourmet and convivial moment with family or friends, opt for our tasty family-sized cakes.
Cut into slices, they will spoil every palate.
A real source of culinary pleasure in 200g and 700g versions.

bounojourno cacao moulindor
bounojourno orange moulindor
barre dor pepite moulindor
barre dor vanille moulindor
barre dor vanille moulindor
barre dor amande moulindor
barre dor orange moulindor

A must to discover, our delicious small madeleines.
We offer you a pack of 8 individual pieces,
wrapped in a flexible and transparent packaging.

madeleines moulindor

Moulin d'or